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HELENA - 60 years on stage

Over three hundred archival photos, one hundred original costumes from famous domestic and foreign designers, as well as newly found original dresses from the fairy tale "Crazy Sad Princess" or as yet unexhibited costumes of the Golden Kids group. It will not only be on display in the Tančící dům Gallery at the exhibition Helena – 60 years on the scene. The exhibition depicts the career of the Czech queen of pop, from her beginnings with the Golden Kids to the present day. The exhibition, which will last from May 29 to February 23 next year, will offer a comprehensive view of the singer's musical work on two floors of the house and will reveal to the public for the first time photo and video samples from a private archive from the 1960s. Visitors can also look forward to two paintings painted by Karel Gott for Helena Vondráčková, an original statuette of the Golden Nightingale from 1966 or costumes from 1964 that her mother sewed for the singer.


Performing at world festivals and stages from Japan to Brazil is a dream that will not come true even for many contemporary singers. It was a reality for Helena Vondráčková. Exactly sixty years ago, in April 1964, she won the Hledáme nové zánáká competition in Prague's Lucerna and immediately received offers to record songs and appear on TV shows. The song Red River, released a few weeks later, became an overnight hit and launched her career in full swing. At the exhibition, visitors can learn about the beginnings of her career. She sees a poster for a fateful talent contest, where her father entered the singer and changed the life of the then seventeen-year-old Helena. Among the exhibits is the cut vase she received as a prize. Or the first released "elpíčko" and archival photos and video footage, which also show the reverse side of fame.


The exhibition offers, among other things, modern costumes that were created after 2000, or scores in which notes from the filming of now legendary songs are written by hand. It also includes a large amount of visual material, including memories and experiences from the first concerts abroad, which were lent to the exhibition by Czech Television.

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