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Sexplicit vol. 3. (3.2. - 22. 2. 2017, 3. patro OD Kotva)
Opening reception: 2.2. 20:00, 4. patro / 4th floor

Curator: Prokop Bartoníček
Exposition: Filip Šorm, Prokop Bartoníček
Graphics: Pavel Fuksa

OD Kotva, Revoluční 655/1, 3 patro / 3th floor

Opening days:
Pondělí až neděle 3.-22.2. 2017, po-ne 09-20h
Monday till Sunday 3-22/2 2017, Mon - Sun 9AM-8PM

regular - 69 Kč 
students half-price  
free entry for pensioners

" Few things are as determinative for our lives as the human sexuality. While commonly kept concealed, this set of characteristics and phenomena strongly defines who we are and how we behave. Still and all, many of us don't have the ability or the opportunity to handle it.
The Sexplicit exhibition does not aim to shock or judge. It exposes efforts of a variety of people to work with topics which they find, to a certain extent, sensitive. As an intimate testimony of regular people it can easily become an inspiration to others in finding courage to go beyond their own limits.
Our modern society sees itself as tolerant in this matter, thinking there are no major obstacles. Yet many times it is only about particular trends, an unwritten agreement about what is or is not esthetic. However, the real sexuality of an individual is unique and to a certain degree it always deviates from what is generally accepted as normal. And a joint exhibition like this is a great opportunity to seek beauty in such unique differences. " 


3.2. 2017 - 22.2. 2017


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