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Dancing House

Jiráskovo náměstí 6, Prague

Open daily 10 - 20 p.m.


Elena Steiner


9.10. 2014 - 4.1. 2015


What do you see when you look in the mirror? What are you affraid of when you look away? What do you hear when you are left alone with your body? How much do you interfere with its life?

Body talks and Elena Steiner listens.


The cult of youth and beauty is not a period creation "fallen from the sky" that is here to tyrannize us with its omnipresents pressure. Its existence (as old as the humanity itself, because of its natural essence) has been going on longer than all the new media through which it attacks. But what differs is the number of resources the cult currently has at its hands. And that is incomparable with any time passed. The ideal is always a form of virtual reality, which the society relates to. The society then projects its concept of perfection into it and with this whip, created in the style "believe what you wish for", it flogs itself. "A sound mind in a sound body..." that we have heard a few times. But now the means of visualizing a spreading of this redemption-carrying ideal are really convincing. Convincing in such a way that a man can not even doubt the ability of reaching it, let alone doubt the correctness of these efforts. Well we can all agree on beauty being more pleasant than ugliness...or not? A pill here, a cream there, cut this, cut that. Reprogram. Collective illusion of this possibility creates a pressure on the society to want to be beautiful. And let's shut all of those, who refuse to join us, out. They are not worthy of success and love. 


And what about you? Are you young and beautiful yet?


curator of exhibition: Barbora Maštrlová


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